With three decades of experience both domestically and internationally, ARS serves a broad spectrum of industries.

Accounts Retrievable System, Inc. is a New York Judgment Collections Agency. Since 1986, ARS has delivered professional, highly effective results for clients on a worldwide basis.  ARS is recognized as a leader in Judgment Collections, Commercial Collections, Consumer Recovery, and is a specialist in collection of Child Support and Spousal Maintenance.   Our partnership approach, rapid judgment collections and ability to preserve relationships form the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence.

ARS clients benefit from an array of collections solutions designed to increase cash flow, reduce expenses, improve operational efficiency and maintain positive customer relations.  We are proud of our ability to deliver professional, effective and timely results worldwide.

ARS strives to remain a leader in the judgment collections, enforcement, and recovery industry.  ARS is comprised of a strong, cohesive and committed team.  Our consistent track record for successful outcomes stems from a forward-thinking corporate mix where personal and professional aspirations thrive and progressive ideas flourish.  Our team is kept current on all laws and statutes, FDCPA and FCRA compliance through ongoing education, and by attending seminars and meetings throughout our affiliations with the Commercial Law League of America, the American Collectors Association, and DBA International.

Our New York judgment collections company’s commitment is to constantly reinvest in our employees, new technology, recovery resources, professional staff, legal solutions, and innovative systems and procedures. ARS’s legal solution is centered in our network of experienced collections attorneys.  Our Forwarding Department coordinates litigation services for all 50 states and beyond.  By having successfully litigated tens of thousands of cases for creditors, our legal network has the litigation experience to help our clients achieve maximum results and minimize any potential exposures.

ARS utilizes a wide range of technological tools and resources to help each client achieve the best possible results.  Our staff has access to the latest software programs with enhanced security and a state-of-the-art secured network with a full disaster recovery program.

Our focus is on the specific needs of each client’s portfolio, whether it is for one claim or for thousands and is built on systems and personnel already developed, tested, and proven on a day to day basis.  ARS will never close an account until every collection option has been exhausted.

Our services are based on a contingency fee arrangement; therefore if our attempts to collect are not successful, you will not be charged!



ARS is fully compliant and adheres to all Federal and State Collection practices regulations. We follow high standards for compliance, confidentiality, and privacy requirements.


Employee Security

ARS employees are pre-screened for the highest level of personnel security possible. All employees have acknowledged their understanding of and consent to the following security measures:

  • Security Policy
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • FCRA Authorization Form/Consent
  • Consumer Credit Report & Background Check Authorization


Why Choose ARS

  • Experience and Integrity spanning 3 decades.
  • Most claims collected by ARS are done so without forwarding additional legal costs
  • Focused commitment to building quality relationships with creditors of all sizes and industries resulting in higher client satisfaction
  • ARS is bonded and insured by ACA
  • Funds are remitted weekly to clients while all ethical procedures are followed
  • Our staff and its worldwide network of collection attorneys quickly address clients’ needs and skillfully maximize recovery.
  • State of the art web application that allows paperless claims placement and email communication with our staff.
  • More than 90% of our staff has been employed for at least 4 years of our 24 years in business attesting to their satisfaction with how ARS takes care of its clients and its employees.
  • Competitive rates based solely on results – No collection, no fee.
  • Most lawsuits are filed without clients having to pay a non-contingent suit fee.
  • Most debtors are contacted within 48 hours of our attorneys receiving your claim.
  • Our principals are involved in the daily operation of ARS.
  • Access to our extensive database to immediately see if we have any open/closed claims against your debtor.
  • We create long-lasting business relationships with our clients by listening, communicating, and providing results they can trust.
  • We’ve earned our reputation for honesty, integrity, and professionalism by the way we treat our clients and their customers, recognizing that their confidence in us is invaluable.
  • We attract top talent, allowing us to build a professional staff who continually strive to upgrade their business knowledge.