When carrying out commercial collections, we’ve heard many stories why business debt has not been paid. The first thing our commercial collections specialists are trained to do is figure out if what they are hearing is a legitimate explanation or just an excuse. How we proceed to collect the commercial debt is determined by our findings. Whatever the debtors story, our team of collectors are focused on separating fact from fiction.

When companies go about collecting their own commercial debts, they tend to work with the explanations as if it is the truth. This, of course, gets the company nowhere. Debtors will stay with an excuse for as long as you let them, and then will try switching to a new excuse. When you are attempting to collect debts and are feeling like you are getting the runaround, it’s time to call the professionals at Accounts Retrievable. At Accounts Retrievable, we are proficient at determining the truth. We compile information to help judge what is really happening. We avoid confrontation that causes defensiveness and non-cooperation, a common mistake when companies take on their debt collection process on their own. We pride ourselves on customer service and treat every debtor and creditor with respect.

When Accounts Retrievable does find the real explanation, we then work towards a solution to have the debt paid. Accounts Retrievable collects all types of debts: commercial collections, retail collections, child support or spousal maintenance, judgment collections and more! We are a New York company that serves all of your debt collection needs nationwide and internationally.

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