Unfortunately, virtually every small business that offers consumer lines of credit and alternative payment plans will have to deal with delinquent accounts. Small businesses all over New York and the rest of the country find themselves struggling to recover debts from customers. There are a wide range of debt collection resources that can recover profits from open customer accounts.

Some companies operate with in-house profit recovery. This is incredibly time intensive and most employees dread being put on debt collection duty. The process of debt collection can be a great strain on resources and morale for a small business. In-house collectors may have a hard time navigating through  debtors who are dodging their debt while still maintaining their daily responsibilities.

New York businesses that are utilizing in-house collections may eventually realize they need the assistance of a third party collections agency. By taking advantage of a professional, industry-based debt collection agency such as Accounts Retrievable, you take back the control of your business. Accounts Retrievable is a New York based debt collection agency that recovers debts domestically and internationally. If your small business is having trouble recovering debt or is spending too much time on debt collections, it may be time to hire a debt collection agency. Accounts Retrievable works on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not get paid unless you do. Whether you have a handful of claims or thousands, Accounts Retrievable is prepared to collect your unpaid debts.

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