If your judgment has not been paid you may be realizing that the courts do not enforce that judgment. The responsibility lies with you, the judgment creditor, and you have the legal right to enforce the judgment with certain procedures. Unfortunately, most people have no idea where they need to start in order to follow through with judgment enforcement and collection. This is where Accounts Retrievable comes in! As the judgment creditor, you have the legal right to assign a third party such as ARS to carry out the procedures that satisfy judgment enforcement and collection.

The methods we use to enforce and collect your judgments are:

–  Garnishment of debtor’s bank and brokerage accounts

–  Garnishment of wages

–  Levy and execution of personal property including automobiles, boats, and equipment

–  Levy and execution on real estate and business assets

We satisfy retail collections, child support collections, commercial collections, consumer collections, alimony collections, and judgment collections nationwide and internationally. Our experienced team of professionals receive claims from wholesalers, retailers, law firms, banks, mail order companies, and many more. We receive the claims from all over the United States against debtors across the country. We utilize property records, tax records, DMV records, and other resources in order to recover your money. Our talented skip tracers specialize in finding missing debtors. At ARS we are committed to delivering high quality, speedy results to our customers. If you are struggling with judgment enforcement and collection, contact us today!

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