Nationwide Judgment Enforcement


Nationwide Judgment Enforcement


Since 1986, ARS has delivered professional, highly effective results for clients on a worldwide basis.  ARS (The Accounts Retrievable System) is recognized as a leader in nationwide judgment enforcement.  We are experts in Commercial Collections, Consumer Recovery, and are specialists in the collection of Child Support.   Our partnership approach, rapid collection and ability to preserve relationships form the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence.

FORWARDING SERVICE : We forward your account to attorneys in the debtor’s locale for either collection or suit.  We forward accounts to attorneys who are bonded and are chosen from the membership in the Commercial Law League of America and NARCA, the most distinguished associations of attorneys engaged in collection law. Execution of our placement form constitutes authority to forward your claim to local counsel. No legal action will be initiated by any attorney without your authorization. If legal proceedings are recommended and approved, there are required costs, including advanced court costs and/or suit fees, to be paid.

Every claim entrusted to us, regardless of the amount placed, will receive the same high quality collection effort.

Remedies that we use for Nationwide Judgment Enforcement Collections may include:


– Garnishment of the debtor’s bank and brokerage accounts.

– Garnishment of wages.

– Levy and execution of personal property including automobiles, boats, equipment, etc.

– Levy and execution on real estate and business assets, in certain cases.


If you have had trouble with collecting a judgment that was entered in your favor, let us help you. The professionals at our collection agency have years of experience in nationwide judgment collection and  nationwide judgment enforcement on monies past due.  They know which tactics are most effective in collecting Judgments in different situations.


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