Some resources utilized by our skip tracers include:

  • Property records
  • DMV records
  • Tax records
  • Civil & criminal filings
  • Deceased records
  • Global business finder
  • Judgment & tax lien records
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Near-bys & landlords
  • …and more!

Our tenured skip tracers specialize in locating missing debtors for judgment enforcement. To assist them, they have access to ARS’s several “for-our-eyes-only” databases loaded with information to locate debtors and enforce judgments.

Skip tracing is a skill that requires creative thinking and persistence. Our experienced skip-tracers are highly inquisitive and will exhaust every lead in order to find a judgment debtor. We employ methods that are legal and efficient.

Through our reliable resources we have the ability to find practically anyone, anywhere. If it will assist in judgment enforcement and debt collections, Accounts Retrievable will utilize it. We can provide skip tracing services for you or your company no matter how many or few accounts you need located.  At ARS, we verify and follow up on all data we find in order to ensure our skip tracing has been successful and correct.

There are different types of “skips.” Some people are not trying to hide but have moved, or there may be inaccurate contact information. Some people are trying to hide from you and everyone else in order to avoid paying their judgment. The latter situation requires more effort and skill to outsmart a fraudulent debtor who may never had intentions of paying in the first place! Accounts Retrievable is proactive in finding out the exact reasons for a person being difficult to locate and will work such good information in order to obtain what’s missing. At Accounts Retrievable, we can locate even the most sneaky debtor looking to dodge their debt.