New York Child Support Collections

In need of New York Child Support Collections?  Look no further.  Since 1986, ARS has delivered professional, highly effective results for clients not only in New York but on a worldwide basis.  The Accounts Retrievable System’s team is kept current on all laws and statutes, FDCPA and FCRA compliance through ongoing education, and by attending seminars and meetings throughout our affiliations with the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), the American Collectors Association (ACA), and DBA International (DBA).

Our services are based on a contingency fee arrangement; therefore if our attempts to collect are not successful, you will not be charged!

In New York State, parents are liable under the law to provide child support until their child turns at least 18 years of age.

In New York State, the minimum amount of child support awarded by a court is based on a fixed percentage of the combined parental income and the number of children which support will be provided for. New York Child Support Collections are usually determined by the following formula:

1 Child = 17% of the combined parental income.

2 Children = 25% of the combined parental income.

3 Children = 29% of the combined parental income.

4 Children = 31% of the combined parental income.

5 + Children = at least 35% of combined parental income.

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