If you are a custodial parent then you understand the importance of collecting child support. Child support ensures that your children receive the necessary financial support from both parents. This is set up by family law and public policy to give you an ongoing and periodic payment so that you could eliminate the need for cash assistance, helping to keep your family financially independent.

Unfortunately, in New York State, 7 in every 1,000 residents are divorced every year. This means that many parents will be in family court attempting to work out their child support obligations. This is most often not a pleasant or simple process. States set up child support standards in order to protect children from not being given what they need in life. However, some non-custodial parents avoid paying what they are court-ordered to provide in child support. It is at this point that some look to a third party agency for enforcement services, such as The Accounts Retrievable System, Inc..

How Do I get Started?

All we need is a copy of your court order or divorce decree that details the family support payments. We will process the information and work towards collecting your child support payments.

How Long Does It Take?

Every case is different. Once we receive the necessary documents we will begin our location and collections efforts. Your case will be given individual attention with care and determination in order to collect in the shortest time possible.

What Will It Cost Me?

Accounts Retrievable works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not pay unless we collect. Check out our fees page for more information.

What If My Ex Is Missing?

Unfortunately, we see this often where the non-custodial parent tries to stay off the grid in order to dodge their obligation. Accounts Retrievable has highly-skilled skip tracing services that can locate, in most cases, the missing parent and hold them accountable for their obligation.

Do I Need An Attorney?

You may need an attorney for the enforcement and collection process. Our attorney network will be available to you in case legal questions arise. Our legal team is there to provide legal support whenever necessary in order to satisfy legal requirements beyond typical collection efforts.

Am I Ensured Privacy?

Personal information about you and your children will not be released to anyone else without your authorization. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

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