In 1986, The Accounts Retrievable System, Inc. (ARS) established a national network of leading collection attorneys who excel in their field to handle all phases of the judgment collections cycle. All members of our attorney network are held to the highest standards of ethical business.

Every judgment claim entrusted to us, regardless of the amount placed, will receive the same high quality collection effort. Upon receipt of the debtor’s file, the designated attorney researches it and provides to ARS an overview with a recommendation as to whether litigation is a viable option. Their recommendation is based upon several factors including the debt amount, location, operational status, the ability to serve the debtor and other relevant criteria.

Our attorney network was created to negotiate payments, resolve disputes and settle judgment collection cases quickly and professionally. Additionally, links to federal and state agencies and industry-only databases allow us to perform thorough searches AT NO COST TO YOU.
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Although we work closely with these attorneys to settle your claim, the attorney represents you and remains under our direction at all times.  Any legal proceeding or any settlement comes only with your approval.

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