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The Accounts Retrievable System

As a New York judgment recovery and collection company, Accounts Retrievable provides speedy, advanced, and effective services to recover your money. We do not waste time simply urging a judgment debtor to pay the money that they have been refusing to pay.  Accounts Retrievable’s services are aggressive while staying within the meaning of the law. At ARS, you are sure to receive quality judgment enforcement and debt collection services.


Every claim entrusted to us, regardless of the amount placed, will receive the same high quality collection effort. No matter how big or small the claim, we will utilize our resources to find the judgment debtors’ assets and bring money back into your wallet.


Since 1986, Accounts Retrievable has provided quality services for clients here in New York and worldwide. All of our enforcement, recovery, and collections services are handled with our staff of trained professionals. Our investigators, attorneys, and skip-tracers have the years of experience to maximize your judgment collection. Explore our services and see how the Accounts Retrievable judgment collections services can help you.

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