Our forwarding service helps our many clients receive services, no matter where they are or where their debts are located. Our professional forwarding service department will forward your judgment account to attorneys in the debtor’s locale for either collection or suit.  We forward accounts to attorneys who are bonded and are chosen from the membership in the Commercial Law League of America and NARCA, the most distinguished associations of attorneys engaged in collections law.  Execution of our placement form constitutes authority to forward your claim to local counsel.  No legal action will be initiated on your judgment collections case by any attorney without your authorization.  If legal proceedings are recommended and approved, there are required costs, including advanced court costs and/or suit fees, to be paid.


Forwarding Claims:

Judgment claims forwarded to attorneys are monitored closely by ARS’s experienced forwarding service department.  Accounts Retrievable’s attorneys accept all claims from us only on a contingency fee basis.  Creditors will receive copies of attorney correspondence on an ongoing basis.