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The Accounts Retrievable System

As a New York judgment collections agency, The Accounts Retrievable System, Inc. serves the collection needs of respected clients nationwide and internationally. Its client base includes wholesalers, retailers, credit unions, manufacturers, law firms, banks, universities, and mail order companies. The company receives judgment and debt claims from creditors all over the United States against debtors throughout the country. Our skilled professionals are experienced in all aspects and phases of debt recovery.


Some of Our Services Include

New York Judgment Collections, Nationwide Judgment Enforcement, Retail Collections, Child Support Collections, Commercial Collections and Consumer Recovery

The Accounts Retrievable System

A Judgment entered in your favor entitles you to certain remedies under the law, enabling us to collect the balance due.

These Remedies May Include:

Garnishments of debtor's bank and brokerage accounts

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Garnishments of wages

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Levy and execution of personal property including automobiles boats, equipment, etc

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Levy and execution on real estate and business assets, in exceptional cases

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Every business hinges on cash flow. Overdue accounts can effect all businesses, especially the smaller ones. Individuals and landlords can also have problems when collections becomes an issue. Businesses, individuals and landlords all can make good and profitable use of trained and professional collection agencies


Business is more competitive than ever. Business owners and manager have to focus on shortening billing cycle times, increasing quality, and cost reduction. When a business tends to debt collections they are less able to focus on their core business. Regardless of the size of the business, a professional judgment collections agency will gain better results than in-house collections efforts.


The decision to use a judgment collections agency can have great benefits for individuals and landlords. People can face many challenges when trying to collect funds due to them. Laws in New York and Nationwide are present to protect individuals’ and landlords’ rights but may be difficult for a person to navigate. Accounts Retrievable professional judgment collections services can navigate through collections laws and retrieve your money for you. Another issue individuals face is that they are perceived as having little authority in the eyes of the debtor. Utilizing a collections agency can enhance the sense of urgency in paying back a debt.

Submit a Claim To accounts retrievable and let us put your money back where it belongs: in your wallet!

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