In addition to keeping up with your judgment collections efforts and your judgment debtor, we will also keep you up to date with the progress of your recovery process. We take pride in our success in judgment collections and we are committed to building a lasting relationship to each client at The Accounts Retrievable System, Inc.  When we streamline information to you, you can rest assured that your claim is being given the highest priority.

Our customer service is unparalleled and it is important to us to be able to take away the frustration in your judgment collection process. To give you peace of mind, our staff are ready to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Streamline Access to Critical Information:


  • User-friendly reports – valuable updated information adapted to your needs.
    • Effectively conveying any form of information to our clients regarding the judgment collections and enforcement is not only good practice, but is vital. Accounts Retrievable is equipped with the right communication skills that will keep you aware and informed during the judgment recovery process.


  • Immediate notification of judgment claim resolutions
    • Once we find your debtor’s assets and turn your judgment into cash, you will be notified immediately. We are proficient at collecting judgments and finding solutions to get your debtor to pay- whether willingly or through legal action. Once we have resolved the judgment debt, you will be given immediate notification.


  • Personal service and ease of communication
    • Accounts Retrievable’s debt collection services relieves you, the creditor, of the hassle of dealing with the courts and your judgment debtor. There are many hurdles to overcome when working to collect a judgment: research and investigation, court filings, issuing executions, and keeping track of all information. The courts provide little, if any, help when you attempt to enforce a judgment. When you utilize ARS judgment collection specialists, we will give your claim personal attention and simplify the communications throughout the collections process.